TXP Minima re-released

This theme was originally created for the TextPlates theme drive back in 2007, according to the theme entry on Textgarden is funny because I don’t even remember 2007, but I guess that’s another story…

Anyway, because I can’t be bothered to think of a new name, I’m simply changing the theme. You can see it on this page, but its ugly because you’ll really need to update/change the fonts. To see a better version, see my home page which serves fonts from TypeKit. Other than that, its (currently) the same theme apart from the use of excellent icon fonts from Symbolset and Shifticons.

To download the theme, please use this link. Better still, go to the Github page and download from there as any updates/forks/improvements will be posted there.

For any questions/comments, please see the forum thread!

17 February 2013