TXP Minima Photoblog

Download the template in .zip format: TXP Minima Photoblog.zip

This design is one of a series of templates from the TXP Minima series. The templates are designed with a simple goal – to be minimal in design, yet easy to enhance and change.

TXP Minima Photoblog is a simple photoblog. Each TXP article consists of an 800px x 533px image attached to the Article image field, and a description of the image as the body text. In the Archives page a thumbnail of your article image is displayed automatically.

The template has not been designed to include details such as the camera, date of the image etc. – but it could easily be added using custom fields.

To see some of the included elements, please visit the About page.

Enjoy the template, and please add any comments to the forum post.